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Taste Buds in Training

In 2011, I learned about the Paleolithic way of eating. I did not follow it exactly because it didn’t make total logical sense to the linear, analytic part of my mind. But I began exploring its ideas and started incorporating some of it. I read The Culprit and the Cure, learning about the pitfalls of our “modern” diet.

In January 2012 I went to a dietician. She analyzed my body fat and determined how many calories I needed each day to drop my BMI to a healthy range. She also gave me some ideas, one of which was increasing fruit and veggie consumption via Green Smoothies.

During this time, My Bratty Taste Buds and I had to have some hard conversations. I had to let them know, gently, that they would not be getting everything they wanted. They were not going get the sugar/fat/salt treats every day. They were going to have to take a rest in the evenings by laying off the crunchy, salty, smooth and sweet tidbits they so loved.

In return, I promised to find some things we both could live with. Surprise of surprises, I found some delicious alternatives to the “modern” treats that MBTBs loved even more! Here are some of them:

And here’s the proof that a *mostly* Paleo diet (more about that later) works wonders. In November 2011, my LDL (bad) cholesterol was 143. Since 1994 when I started checking my cholesterol regularly, my LDLs have never dropped below 109.

Today, April 29, 2012, my LDL is 99.


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