breaking free from six decades of tyranny

My daughter, who has been my role model for my journey this last year, recommended this book. So I just got the Kindle version, and now I can have everything at my fingertips.

This book has a great section on eating Paleo (which I’ve been *mostly* doing since January and dramatically reduced my LDL cholesterol) and a great section on the kinds of exercise I’ve been doing for 2 months (dramatically reducing the number of migraines I’ve had while increasing muscle tone, strength, flexibility). I don’t think the exercises are called Crossfit in the book, but the moves are the ones I do at my Crossfit gym.

It shows how to feed kids the Paleo way, and tells of how the author’s children benefitted (including some behavior improvements).

I am excited to try some new recipes!

Comments on: "Resource for Stubborn Taste Buds" (12)

  1. What is “paleo”?

  2. Sustainable long enough to see some benefits, but I couldn’t do it long term!

    • Yeah, that’s what I thought when I first heard about it. I waited and waited, and watched my daughter do it for about 6 months. I saw what she was eating and cooking, and watched her body transform into lean, strong muscle. Her unexplained ailments diminished and disappeared. The idea is to try it for 30 days and see what happens. What I found was that I do NOT crave the things I thought I’d miss. I can be around foods that used to drive me crazy with desire, and I cannot hear them calling my name anymore.

      • I would love to not hear sugar calling my name every five minutes. 🙂

      • I hear you!! Sugar is veeerrrrryyyy tricky. There is this stuff my daughter calls “Paleo poop” (real name is No-Bake Paleo Cookies) that is my go-to treat. I have one after dinner most nights and I honestly love it so much I am actually able to resist the “traditional” sugar treats I used to love. And I’m a crazy sugar freak. I have the recipe for it and other Paleo stuff here:

  3. Oh, gosh, I LOVE all the things you mentioned are taboo for paleo…I almost cannot imagine doing it. What if no one else in the household wants to? Was your daughter doing extra or different exercises too, for the 6 months?

    • I know. It’s very hard to wrap the head around! My daughter has five children and a husband who used to tell her, “Paleo, Schmaleo”. She just smiled and kept going; her kids eat some Paleo meals and some not. Her husband eats what she cooks for dinners, but I don’t know what percentage of his meals are strictly Paleo. My daughter is the one who got me into the Crossfit exercises. She became a Crossfit trainer after seeing the results she was getting from the workouts. Her physique is unbelievable now. She has never been obese, but always struggled with her weight before Paleo and Crossfit. Now she has phenomenal muscle definition while looking totally feminine. She’s my role model!

  4. I love this book and refer to it a lot for recipes or inspiration. So much great stuff!

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