breaking free from six decades of tyranny

About This Blog

I am a woman with a husband, three children, seven grandchildren and many bratty taste buds. Emotions, stress, and boredom have given my taste buds too much power in my life. I’m putting them on notice: their reign of terror on my health is coming to an end. This is my journey.

I am writing this blog as memories, ideas, experiences, and discoveries happen in real time. Use the Categories as a  Table of Contents to find posts of interest.

I would love to hear from any who have struggled as I have. I am always learning, and lessons from others are especially helpful.


Comments on: "About This Blog" (2)

  1. Just found your blog and have enjoyed your journey…I’m “mostly” paleo and instead of crossfit am trying minimalist shoe running. Side tracked by an injury, but ready to get started again. Thanks for giving voice to the bratty taste buds, because they don’t just reside with you! 😉

    • Thanks for the feedback! Glad you have found Paleo satisfying and whatever exercise works and you love is great! I tend to get bored easily, and Crossfit makes sure I never get bored. I do love to be out in nature as much as possible, so walks/runs feed that part of my soul. And glad to have found my taste buds are not the only brats around!

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