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It’s Really Not All About Me

My blog is a very “me-centric” endeavor. Blogs, after all, are designed to be all about their author’s view of the world. Hopefully, the thoughts and ideas put out to the blogosphere can be helpful to another going through similar circumstances.


Always in the back of my mind is “so what?” So what that I’m eating Paleo when literally countless others in our world DON’T HAVE ENOUGH to eat? So what that I have to CUT BACK on my intake when others NEED any sort of intake? So what that I am trying to get in better physical shape when in every corner of our world, fine people fight through unimaginable illnesses and hardships. Bad things happen to good people everywhere, for no sane reason. My heart is heavy for the victims in Aurora, Colorado today.


I vow to challenge myself to come up with some answers to “so what?” So what am I going to do with the strength I am gaining through better health? How can I break out of my unassertive shell and pay some things forward?


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